Hello Everyone!

There is a small group of active contributors on this wiki,small in size but they can do huge edits!

Here's a list of ideas that were created or inspired by the active contributors!

Idea Scale:

A=Mind Blowing


C=Not Bad


1.RemoteBox Template

The RemoteBox Template created by @Dysfunctional Soda-Machine allows us to insert a title and then insert content right under the title!The best thing about RemoteBox is that you can even put pictures,fonts,templates and more media into the template! Good Work @Dysfunctional Soda-Machine! Scale=A

2.Colored Names

By using CSS,it allows us to have colored names,and the names appear whenever we edit,sign something or just use the template for the name on any page or template! Thank You,@ImmortalHero101 for making us colored names! Scale=A

3.NPC Infobox

Created by @Zack1223344556666 and xxQveen_Bestxx is the NPC Infobox. The NPC Infobox is the newest Infobox and it has the information for any NPC!Nice Job guys! Scale=B

4.Font Variates

By using CSS we are able to pick different fonts from a specific variety of fonts!This font will appear when your name appears on 'Wiki Activity'. Thanks @ImmortalHero101  for this amazing idea! Scale=B

5.Animated Colored Names

By using CSS and .rainbowtext we are able to get different Animated Colored names like Mine! You have to meet a bunch of requirements listed on @ImmortalHero101's profile then you can get an animated colored name! Scale=A