Vermillion City is the third city a trainer will encounter. The city's Gym Leader is Lt. Surge, a professional Electric-type Pokémon trainer.

Notable Events

Obtaining Cosmog

Cosmog can be obtained by talking to the NPC outside of Vermillion City's PokéCenter after you've beaten Randomizer Nuzlocke.

Mr. String's Nicknaming Service

You can nickname your Pokémon by talking to a Purple Guy NPC in the PokéCenter. Even if you are not the OT, you can still rename the Pokémon in the newest update.

Traveling to Social Park

Talking to two NPCs will allow you to travel to Social Park. The left one will take you to a random Social Park server, whereas the right one will let you join a particular person.

Notable Places

Vermillion Gym

Vermillion Gym is an Electric-type Gym with Lt. Surge as its Gym Leader. Before you battle him, you must defeat another trainer named Youngster Rex.

Also, there is an NPC (based on Moderator Prindug) that wears a shirt with the text 'meme' on it. He explains that he is an unimportant NPC, and wishes he will eventually be important someday.


Youngster Rex 100MSVoltorb 20 Electric
081MSMagnemite 20 ElectricSteel
Lt. Surge 100MSVoltorb 23 Electric
082MSMagneton 25 ElectricSteel
026MSRaichu 30 Electric