Viridian City is the first city a trainer will encounter. The city's Gym Leader is Giovanni, a professional Ground-type Pokémon Gym Leader, the 8th Gym leader.

Notable Events

Battling Gary

Gary, your rival, can be challenged on Route 22. His team has a level 9 Pidgey and one level 11 Kanto starter Pokemon (Charmander, Bulbasaur, or Squirtle), depending on the type of your starter Pokemon.

Obtaining Mew

You can obtain a Mew from an NPC in the PokéCenter. You will need the 'Mew' gamepass (105 Robux) and a free slot in your Party.

Legendary Beasts

Upon purchasing the 'Other Legendary 10x' gamepass and having an empty spot in your Party, you can talk to the NPC in Viridian City's PokéMart and he will give you a random legendary beast — either a Raikou, Entei, or Suicune — from the 'Legendary Dog' trio.

Notable Places


After you choose your starter Pokémon and battle Gary, Professor Oak will ask you for a favor to bring him a special parcel he ordered. The parcel arrived at Viridian City's PokéMart and he will ask you to go get it for him. To get the parcel, go to Viridian City's PokéCenterr/PokéMart (red roofed building) and talk to the clerk wearing a blue vest. He will give you the parcel and then you can talk to the clerk again to shop for items. After you have received the parcel, go back to Professor Oak and give him the parcel. He will then give you 5 Pokéballs to help you on your journey.

Viridian Gym

Viridian Gym is a Ground-type Gym with Giovanni as the Gym Leader which is located on Nozen Lake. Although he is in the first city, he is the final Gym Leader and cannot be challenged unless the trainer has the first 7 badges. You must also fight Rocket Grunts before the Gym battle. When you battle Giovanni with a Pokémon that is level 90+, he will battle you with a copy of your own team.

The Gracidea Flower

The Gracidea flower is found inside the cave to the right of the PokéCenter in Viridian City. This flower can change Shaymin's form from Shaymin-Land to Shaymin-Sky.

In an old version of Viridian City, the flower was found behind the PokéMart; in another old version, it was inside a cave next to the Viridian City Gym.

Note: If you change Shaymin-Sky's form using the Gracidea flower, you can interact with the flower again to change back to Shaymin-Land and vice versa.


Rocket Grunt Yoshi 141MSKabutops 84 RockWater
139MSOmastar 84 RockWater
Rocket Grunt Mario 030MSNidorina 79 Poison
033MSNidorino 79 Poison
Rocket Grunt Luigi 089MSMuk (x3) 82 Poison
Rocket Grunt Qwerty 110MSWeezing 83 Poison
053MSPersian 83 Normal
Rocket Grunt Peach 329MSVibrava 79 GroundDragon
330MSFlygon 81 GroundDragon
Giovanni 076MSGolem 77 RockGround
051MSDugtrio 78 Ground
034MSNidoking 78 PoisonGround
031MSNidoqueen 78 PoisonGround
112MSRhydon 81 GroundRock
150MSMewtwo 85 Psychic


Viridan City

This is what Viridian City looked like in the early stages of the game.

Viridian City new

This is what Viridian City looked like in the first revamp attempt.