Viridian Forest begins at the north end of Route 2 . It ends at Pewter City, where new players may have their first Gym battle.


Trainer Name Pokemon Level Victory Reward
Bug Catcher Aiden 014MSKakuna 10 $ 500
011MSMetapod 10
Bug Catcher Ollie 543MSVenipede 8 $ 500
415MSCombee 8


Name Type Rarity Location Notes
010MSCaterpie Bug
Grass Patches -
013MSWeedle Bug
Grass Patches -
014MSKakuna Bug
Grass Patches -
011MSMetapod Bug
Grass Patches -
415MSCombee BugFlying
Grass Patches -
543MSVenipede BugPoison
Grass Patches -
540MSSewaddle BugGrass Rare Grass Patches -
025MSPikachu Electric Rare Grass Patches -
273MSSeedot Grass Rare Grass Patches -
446MSMunchlax Normal Rare Grass Patches Can be found holding Leftovers
133MSEevee Normal Rare Grass Patches 15% chance only with Gamepass 2.

Squares come up when you find one.

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