Whirlipede is a BugPoison-type Pokemon introduced in Generation V. It is also known as the 'Curlipede Pokemon'.

How to Obtain

Whirlipede can be obtained by evolving Venipede at level 22. It can also be obtained from trading and the Pokémon Roulette.


543MSVenipede Level 22 ▶️ 544MSWhirlipede Level 30 ▶️ 545MSScolipede


  • Poison Sting
  • Toxic Spikes
  • Pin Missile
  • Toxic
  • Iron Defense
  • Defense Curl
  • Screech
  • Twineedle
  • Take down
  • Double-Edge
  • Agility

Type Effectiveness

Effectiveness Type
Weaknesses Flying, Rock, Fire, Psychic
Extreme Resistances Grass, Fighting
Resistances Poison, Bug, Fairy

Recolor Gallery

Techno Whirlipede

Techno Whirlipede made by Prindug

Pale Whirlipede

Pale Whirlipede made by Lurantise

Realistic Whirlipede

Realistic Whirlipede made by supafazydon