Zebstrika is an Electric-type Pokemon introduced in Generation V. It is also know as the 'Thunderbolt Pokemon.'

How to Obtain

Zebstrika can be obtained by evolving Blitzle at level 27. It can also be obtained from trading and the Pokémon Roulette.


522MSBlitzle Level 27 ▶ 523MSZebstrika


Moves that can be taught by Move-Relearner

  • Thunder
  • Thunder Shock
  • Thunder Wave
  • Thunderbolt
  • Discharge
  • Quick Attack
  • Tackle
  • Shock Wave
  • Flame Charge
  • Double Kick
  • Thunder Fang

Type Effectiveness

Effectiveness Type(s)
Weaknesses Ground
Resistances Flying, Steel, Electric
Immunity None

Recolor Gallery

Reindeer Zebstrika

Reindeer Zebstrika made by Pandimino

Rainbow Zebstrika

Rainbow Zebstrika made by MagpiemeXD

High Voltage Zebstrika

High Voltage Zebstrika made by CodeMyucella