Zekrom is a DragonElectric-typeLegendaryPokémon introduced in Generation V. It is also known as the 'Deep Black Pokémon'. Along with Reshiram and Kyurem, it is a member of the Tao trio.

How to Obtain

With any Electric-type Pokémon and Kyurem in your party, enter the Mausoleum Of Origins and search in any patches of grass. You must have at least 8 badges in order for this to work. You can also obtain it by redeeming the code "Positivity". (Please note that the code has expired).


Moves when Caught

Move Power Accuracy Type
Crunch 80 100% Dark
Earth Power 90 100% Ground
Thunder 120 70% Electric
Draco Meteor 130 95% Dragon

Moves when obtained (Code)

Move Power Accuracy Type
Bolt Strike 130 85% Electric
Dragon Claw 80 100% Dragon
Shadow Claw 70 100% Ghost
Crunch 80 100% Dark

Moves that can be taught by Move-Relearner

Move Power Accuracy Type
Fusion Bolt 100 100% Electric
Bolt Strike 130 85% Electric
Extrasensory 80 100% Psychic
Slash 70 100% Normal
Dragon Breath 60 100% Dragon
Thunder Fang 65 95% Electric

Moves that can be taught using TMs

Move Power Accuracy Type
Dragon Claw 80 100% Dragon
Roost - 100% Flying
Thunderbolt 90 100% Electric
Thunder Wave - 90% Electric
Stone Edge 100 80% Rock
Charge Beam 50 90% Electric
Rock Tomb 60 90% Rock
Rock Slide 75 95% Rock

Type Effectiveness

Effectiveness Type(s)
Weaknesses Dragon, Fairy, Ground, Ice
Resistances Fire, Flying, Grass, Steel, Water
Extreme Resistances Electric
Immunity None

Recolor Gallery

Bluegreen Zekrom

Bluegreen Zekrom made by Rue_n

Intergalactic Zekrom

Intergalactic Zekrom made by cutecake09

Perfect Zekrom

Cell Zekrom made by kiyo123456789

Fiend Zekrom

Fiend Zekrom made by Geodracula

Doodle Zekrom

Doodle Zekrom made by iGreenn

Blighted Zekrom

Blighted Zekrom made by Lurantise